My name is Holly Heinrich, and my family and I live in Wickenburg, Arizona. This is our second testimonial for

RG Morgans/Denmark Ranch.

We wanted to write again and forward photos of our new foal that was born on February 21, 2012. In March of 2011, we bred our mare (RG Lillie Hawk - we call her "Annie") to the Grunden's stallion (RG Black Dandy) via shipped semen. We still cannot believe how smoothly everything went from start to finish. After one ultrasound and getting the green light from our vet, the Grundens shipped semen and our mare was pregnant on the first try. Eleven months later we had a beautiful, healthy foal on the ground! We are so proud of our little filly. She is growing like a weed and is full of vitality and personality. She has been easy to train so far, and we do not doubt that she will be a great horse for us. From the photos, you can see that she possesses a lot of feminine charm.

In addition to welcoming our first foal this year, we also made the trip from Arizona to Nebraska to visit Harris, Joanie, Jace, and Dallas in person at their ranch. It was an exciting privelege to meet them all in person, as well as to look around their beautiful ranch and herd of horses firsthand. We made this trip with the intention of purchasing a young filly from them and had brought our trailer along with us. We had been looking over their web site for some time and had picked out RG Denmark Miss Lady Hawk. When we saw her at the ranch, we were more than satisfied with her beauty and her gentle nature. While at the ranch, we also took notice of RG Nebraska Wildfire, which was a horse I had been admiring on their website for quite some time. I was amazed at how she was even more beautiful firsthand than she appeared in the Grunden's photos. My husband was also immediately taken with her. Since Lady Hawk would not be ridable for a while, my husband and I discussed the possibility of purchasing both horses. It did not take us long to make the decision. We came back to Arizona with two horses rather than one, and we have never second-guessed our decision. RG Nebraska Wildfire has been perfectly mannered, calm, and willing to please. Our nine-year-old daughter, Helen Marie, has been riding her since we brought her home with us. We have been ponying Lady Hawk along on a few rides with us, and she has willingly carried a saddle on her back each time.

She never bucked or startled when we put the saddle on her the first time. We also began ground work with Lady Hawk and were amazed at how smart she was. My husband surprised me on Father's

Day morning by getting up before me. When I asked him why he got up so early he said, "I rode Lady Hawk." I could not believe my ears, because I knew that we had only done ground work with her a few times. I asked him how it went, and he said that she never bucked once. I have included a photo of me riding her for the very first time, and this was only the second time she ever had anyone on her back. Although it will be a while before we can ride Lady Hawk very hard, she is well on her way to being just as dependable as our other two Grunden Morgans, Wild Fire and Annie.

In closing, I want to reiterate how valuable the intelligence and steady temperament of the Grunden's Morgan horses has been to us. Working with these horses has been a very rich and rewarding experience. A lot of our friends thought we were crazy to drive half way across the country to buy horses, but we know we made a great decision and would do it all over again... as a matter of fact, we probably will do it again one of these days.


Rob, Holly, & Helen Marie Heinrich

Wickenburg, Arizona

  1. *Donna Crookston & RG Cowboys Black Cadillac

  2. Jarantow, Poland 2008

  3. *Photo courtesy of Donna

  1. *Donna & Al Crookston with RG Prairie Twister

  2.  Nature Coast HDT, Jan. 2011

  3. *Photo courtesy of Donna

RG Cowboys Black Cadillac was purchased in December, 2004, as a ride and drive horse.  He knew

nothing  about driven dressage or combined driving, but was so very willing to work at it.  Cowboy has such

a good  mind and a great deal of common sense.  Hes always been super to work around.  Cowboy has

been an  Advanced level combined driving horse since 2006, winning championship year end awards from

 the US  Equestrian Federation and the Morgan Horse Association open competition program.  He took me

 to the World Single Horse Combined Driving Championships in Jarantow, Poland in 2008 as a US Team

member and to Pratoni, Italy in 2010 as an Individual for the USA.  His manners were impeccable on both

flights over  to Europe and back home.  His easy going attitude helps make him a good traveler.


I bought RG Prairie Twister from Harris and Joanie Grunden in January, 2009 to bring along and someday

fill Cowboys shoes.  He was purchased via about three videos Harris and Joanie made for me.  I was pretty

 sure about him just watching the disks.  What a good boy he is with the same wonderful temperament and

common sense as Cowboy.  Twister was broke to ride at the Denmark Ranch and taught to drive after I got

 him.  He was receptive to all aspects of harness training and never once misbehaved in the carriage work. 

Twister has been in the ribbons in his first two recognized competitions in 2011, his coming out year.  Hes

 showing great promise and is getting better at each show.


Both Cowboy and Twister have gone foxhunting.  They were very interested in the hounds, but never once

offered to kick or shy at them.  These two horses were the easiest Ive ever introduced to hunting, a

testament to their breeding.  The horses are wonderful to hack out.  Neither has ever offered to buck or be

anything but a gentleman.


Cowboy and Twister had a good beginning working cattle and checking fences on the Denmark Ranch. 

 I believe that ranch work helped develop a good work ethic in them.  They have brought their early training

and terrific attitude with them to help develop excellent driving horses.  Im very fortunate to have them both.

 Donna Crookston

*Donna Crookston & RG Cowboys Black Cadillac

Pratoni, Italy 2010

*Photo courtesy of Donna


It was March 5, 2010, that we had to put my dream horse down due to arthritis.  It was one of the saddest days of my life.  We had enjoyed Tombstone for over 16 years and wondered if we could ever find a horse to replace him.  Our whole family was in a state of deep grief.

It was shortly after that when an old friend (Dave Zoller) called and began telling us about his purebred Morgans that originated from the Grunden Ranch in Nebraska.  We were instantly intrigued, and being native Nebraskans ourselves, we decided to take a road trip from Arizona to our friend's house in Colorado Springs to see Dave's Morgans.  We were instantly impressed with what we found.  We ended up purchasing a beautiful 12-year-old, black, Morgan Mare named RG Lillie Hawk (Annie.)  We drove straight through from Colorado Springs to Wickenburg, Arizona, with our new mare.  We made a few stops for breaks but pressed on and arrived home at midnight.


We were so excited to show off our new horse and get a chance to ride her more, so we got up early the next morning and took Annie to a gymkhana at our local saddle club.  Our seven-year-old daughter, Helen Marie, rode Annie in the competition and won first place in her age group!  We were so pleased and excited that we called our friend, Dave, to tell him the good news.  He was impressed as well and told us that Annie had never been ridden in an arena before.  We knew that he had primarily used this mare for trail riding and packing Elk out of the mountains, but we did not realize she had never before done any arena work.  It was equally amazing because our young daughter was not an overly confident rider, since she had been thrown by a  pony we purchased for her in the past.  We were thrilled to see Helen Marie ride in safety and with such confidence.  Our new Morgan mare instantly filled a void in our family and began to pass every test we had for her with flying colors.

Throughout the following year, we realized more and more that Annie was an extremely well-bred horse.  She had all of the ideal characteristics we were looking for in a family horse.  She was very sound and hearty, her attitude was always calm and willing, and she was highly intelligent.  (It also did not bother us a bit that she was drop-dead gorgeous!)  As a family, we decided that we wanted to have Annie bred to a fine Morgan stallion and experience that wonderful miracle of welcoming a foal into the world.  We started to research bloodlines and then visited several stables offering Morgan stud services.  However, after consulting again with our friend, Dave, we decided to give Harris and Joanie Grunden a call at RG Morgans/Denmark Ranch in Maxwell, Nebraska.  Dave was convinced we would not regret working with them and that we would not find a better deal on a stallion.  Dave was right again!  After talking with Harris and Joanie on the phone and looking through their website, we decided we had come to the right place.

Being new to the breeding process, we had a lot of questions and needed a lot of guidance.  Harris and Joanie were always so patient with us and helped guide us through the process of choosing a stallion and completing necessary paperwork.  Since we were so far from Nebraska, we decided to have semen shipped and hoped the process would go smoothly.  We were surprised that, after one trip to our local veterinarian, Annie was ready to go.  Our vet called the Grundens and initiated the process of having semen shipped.  The process went more smoothly than we ever dreamed possible, and Annie is now expecting a foal in February of 2012!

The stallion we chose is RG Black Dandy.  After discussing line breeding with Harris, we decided Dandy was the best choice to pair with our Annie.  The Grundens had several beautiful stallions to choose from, and each one seemed to stand out from other stallions we had looked at in other parts of the country.  We are confident that we chose the right stallion, and we look forward to meeting our new foal in February.  By the way, we plan to forward photos for Harris and Joanie to post after baby is born, so please check back for updates!

In closing, we just want to say that working with Harris and Joanie has been a huge blessing.  We are grateful to our friend Dave Zoller of Colorado Springs for introducing us to the Morgan horse and more specifically to the Grunden Morgans.  He was right when he told us that we would not regret working with Harris and Joanie and that they would deal honestly with us at all times.  If you are considering buying a Morgan horse or having your mare bred to a Morgan stallion, you would not regret talking with Harris and Joanie.  They have some of the best Morgan horses in the world, and they are some of the nicest people in the world.

How can you go wrong with that? Thanks Harris & Joanie for all you have done for us.



Rob, Holly, & Helen Marie Heinrich

Wickenburg, Arizona

 I have purchased several Morgans from Harris and Joanie--I have been very satisfied with my horses.  Lara was purchased as a weanling and will now be 13 this year.  Fletcher was purchased as a yearling and he will be 4.  I have shown Lara in Western Pleasure, Trail and in-hand classes as well as riding her on many trail rides--she is super!   I drove Fletcher last year in shows --he did very well for his first time in the show ring.  I will show him again this year, he thoroughly enjoys driving. od River, NE

I would recommend any of the Grunden horses for those looking for the old-style Morgan, with the typical Morgan conformation, and good minds.
Val Herber
Wood River, NE

 I want to take this minute to write and thank you for the two colts that you have sold us. I also want to vouch for our experience. As you know we have matching black geldings (now), half brothers. Both were purchased sight unseen but for pictures soon after birth, your recommendation and youre guarantee that we would be happy with them. You delivered the colts at about six months old. Jack the three year old was broke last summer at two and I have been riding him regularly. He is friendly, attentive and a pleasure to either be around or ride. His half brother Amos is just coming two. I bought him after asking you to match Jack which he does. Both colts are extremely well socialized: what I mean is, they are personable, friendly and comfortable around people. They are easy to catch and handle. Amos is almost too friendly hes in my pockets. Well break him this summer. These horses are calm and intelligent. Your assistance is greatly appreciated


Ward F. Hoppe


Judy & I bought our first Morgan in 1989 from Harvey & Myrna. A big black gelding named Falcon, we had him until he died in Feb 2007. He was 24 years old. A few of the reasons that we chose to go with the Morgan horses was that I had heard how gentle they were around kids and how sure footed they were in the mountains. We currently have 4 Morgan geldings that we purchased from Denmark Ranch. Over the last several years I have taken our horses to the Colorado Flat Top Wilderness to trail ride and hunt elk & deer. I have always been impressed how the Morgan's have no problem adjusting to the altitude in the mountains. We have packed and rode on some of the most rugged trails in the flat tops with no rodeos!
The four geldings that we have now, I can put an inexperienced rider on them and not worry about having a runaway. They seem to adapt to the rider that is on them.The horses will come right up to you in the pasture looking for a treat. They each have a unique personality. They are always wanting personal attention, coming up to you, nuzzling, wanting to be petted. Within the last month I have been shooting my rifle right next to them and it hasn't even bothered them after the first few times. I'm always surprised at how calm they react to something new that you try on them. I have been very pleas
ed with the Morgans that we have purchased from Denmark Ranch.
Thanks--Gary Jones

We bought RG Denmark Royal's Image (MUR Royal's Joyride x Caduceus Indrika) as a coming 2-year-old a year ago and he has far exceeded our expectations, which were lofty to say the least (just ask Harris and Joanie!). He is so eager to learn and ridiculously easy to train, so much fun to interact with, and we still stop what we're doing and stare when he trots or canters up to meet our daughter at the gate. Hopefully, he's having as much fun with us as we are with him!

When a member of the Morgan Dressage Association recommended we get in contact with the Grundens, we were looking for a younger horse for our 11-year-old daughter and her trainer to start so that, when her 19-year-old Morgan gelding needed an easier job, she would have a horse to continue her dressage training with. We had been warned that it would be difficult to find another Morgan with suitable conformation and temperament for upper level dressage training, but we held out hope that there was a younger version of our beloved Morgan who had proven himself at our local dressage barn. It was a long journey of research and road trips as we tried to prove our gut instincts wrong, but the silly, friendly black Morgan yearling colt from Maxwell remained the only horse on our list of options for months. And so, as they say, the rest is history! As is characteristic with Morgans, it's becoming more and more apparent that our 20-year-old has no intentions of retiring from dressage anytime soon, so we're taking it slowly with Image, preparing him with some work in-hand and on the lungeline under the direction of our daughter's trainer. A year ago, it seemed crazy to think an 11-year-old girl could train a 2-year-old horse, but Image has proven himself every bit as sensible and trustworthy as our older gelding and we're looking forward to seeing how far they can develop this partnership. Today the County Fair, tomorrow the Olympics, right?

Jeff, Jennifer, and Kate Rawlinson