Black, No White Markings, Homozygous Black

Foaled:  May 7, 2001    100% FOUNDATION LINES

There isn't a thing we'd change about this stallion!  We just adore him and so does everyone who meets him!  We took Dandy and Farmer to the Ashland, Ohio Buckeye Sale & Stallion Presentation this spring and had the best time we've had in a long while!  We met so many wonderful folks!  We thank everyone who came to our stalls, booked a stud fee or purchased our stock.  The kindness of others, through actions and words are still fresh in our minds and will always be remembered.

One dear man was able to drive both Dandy, Farmer and a daughter of Dandy we had consigned to the sale.  By Friday night, he told us he had "one of the best days he'd ever had.  He'd gotten to drive 3 of the nicest horses he'd ever driven in his life...and the weekend had just begun"....A little boy, with the sweetest smile & biggest brown eyes came running up to us with his catalog in hand, and as he looked at the two studs cross tied in the isle, remarked, "This is Dandy, right?  I've been waiting soooo long to meet him! And that's Farmer!  They look just like they do in the catalog!  Thank you for bring them!"  .....Another kind man who'd waited quite a few months to meet Dandy, simply gave him a hug.    

Dandy truly is a gentle soul.  He knows when it's time to pull the cart, move cows or let a child lead & ride him.  He's got a heart of gold, is patient, kind & willing to please.  Dandy has conformation, strong bone and pure solid muscle!  He stands a strong 15.2 1/2 hands and passes on his beauty & athleticism to all his foals.  His fillies are sweet & feminine, his colts are proud, strong and kind.  We really can't say enough good about him.  He works hard here at home as a ranch horse but we try to take him to town, too.  He's been shown in halter, western, hunt and pleasure driving.  He moves out smooth and gracefully, but at a fairly good lick! As one Amish friend said after taking him for a test drive..."a real beard-splitter!"  We'll take that as a compliment!  We invite you to come take a look at Dandy and his band of mares--you won't be disappointed!

Semen Transport Available

$500.00 Stud Fee,  LFG



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Black, No White Markings, Homozygous Black

Foaled April 13, 2006    100% FOUNDATION LINES

Farmer has matured into quite the gentle giant.  At 16.0 hands, this beautiful stallion is becoming quite the versatile horse.  He has recovered nicely from his 2010 leg injury and we're enjoying working with him and introducing him to different jobs.  (He'll probably always carry his right front leg differently but he's sound and still here--and that's a whole lot more than we thought we'd have). 


Farmer is broke to ride and drive and does well at both.  He was driven again last winter in preparation for the Buckeye Stallion Presentation with his sire, RG Black Dandy.  In late July, Harris & Farmer started warming up for the Ne State Fair.  We'd missed the 2012 fair, so we were really testing Farmer's retention from 2011!  With just enough time for a short month of riding, we weren't expecting too much other than some fun & learning at the fair...so, it was quite unexpected that out of a class of eleven seasoned riders & horses, Harris & Farmer brought home the Western Pleasure Open title.  Later in the evening, in another tough class, they were awarded the Western Pleasure Championship Stake.   


Farmer moves out as quietly and collected as his sire.  His athletic ability, conformation and Morgan type are passed onto his foals.  We had an exceptional set of foals from him in 2013 and look forward to his 2014 crop.  We hope you'll consider this homozygous black stallion or his get for your program. 

Semen Transport Available.

$500.00 Stud  Fee, LFG

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Grulla. Star. Black Eyes

Foaled April 30, 2006

Blu has the whole package.  Not only does he have color, but he has everything else to go along with it--conformation, beauty, muscle, a wonderful disposition and a pedigree to match!


Last year, our neighbor used him during calving season moving cows, sorting pairs and dragging calves.  We gave him a break this winter and then Ethan, (our good hand & friend), has been using him with various types of ranch work.  His disposition and work ethic are exactly what we want in our herd.  We're very happy with the way he's responded to training.  And we're extremely happy with his foals!  He's thrown us some outstanding stallion prospects, of several colors...brown, black, chestnut & grulla!  And a sweet little bay filly.  We hope you'll check them out on our stock for sale pages and also on Blu's "more pics page" below...(right now it's a work in progress!) 


We sincerely thank Nancy Nard for her giving us this fine opportunity and also for sharing her hospitality, friendship and knowledge with us as we learn our way.

Semen Transport Available

$500.00 Stud Fee, LFG


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Black, Right Hind Fetlock with Distal Spots,

Homozygous Black

Foaled  January 28, 2002   

Royal is a 16.0 hand, homozygous black stallion that we purchased as a yearling. He carries many of our past herd sires in his pedigree.  His dam is a beautiful, top producing mare by our late stallion, Teton Black Beauty and his sire is the versatile, Tom Shoe.  Royal is multi-talented, too!  He's been trained to drive and has been part of a four horse hitch of stallions, so that should tell you of his quiet disposition.  You can load him in a trailer or tie him to the fence right along the other horses at a gathering and he'll mind his manners.  He has also been shown in Western, Trail and Halter, but his heart is in working cattle.  Royal is used quite often moving and sorting cattle.  He's been roped off of, drags calves and does a few tricks, too!  But he knows when it's time to work---his ears are up and alert, eyes anticipating every movement.  He has a sharp mind and learns quickly.  Royal's foals are beautiful, up-headed and proud. They have wonderful, friendly dispositions and are easy to handle.  Many of his colts have sold as stallion prospects and his fillies are simply breathtaking.  They are excelling as western, trail, driving, ranch work and sport horses. We hope you'll consider breeding to Royal or purchasing one of his foals.
Semen Transport Available.

$500.00 Stud  Fee, LFG

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