Black, No Markings    100% FOUNDATION LINES

Foaled July 9, 1978

Deceased February 4, 2001

Rimlo really was a prince! He had a wonderful, quiet disposition, good manners and he carried himself proudly! He was stout, with that old style thick neck, full of muscle and his trot was smooth as glass.  Rimlo's pedigree is filled with those excellent, western working foundation lines.  We are lucky enough to have retained two daughters in our program, RG Cattle Kate and RG Cowgirlsblack Catalina.  He's also the sire of one of our current stallions, RG Black Dandy.  He was used on the ranch to work cattle and was also shown.  Some of Rimlo's accomplishments include:

1981 Nebraska State Fair Reserve High Point Champion

1983 Nebraska State Fair High Point Champion

1983  Nebraska State Fair Western Pleasure Champion

1984  Wyoming State Fair Reserve Champion Stallion

1985  Nebraska State Fair Reserve  High Point Champion

1986  Wyoming State Fair Reserve Champion Stallion


We lost Rimlo February 4, 2001 at the age of 23.

He left a legacy of 127 foals. 

Pedigree Information here


Black, Star, Left Hind Pastern Extending to Fetlock in Rear with Sports on Coronet

Foaled April 8, 1986

Deceased January 20, 2000

"Teton" was a complete package. He had an absolutely gorgeous head, soft eye, conformation and a kind disposition.  His beauty and graceful movements demanded your attention.  He stood 15.3 hands.  Teton's bloodlines include Flyhawk, Wyoming Flyhawk, Stetson, and Senator Graham to name a few.  We are lucky enough to have two mares in our program by Teton;  RG Kates Living Doll and RG China Doll.  He is also the maternal grandsire of one of our current stallions, MUR Royal's Joyride.  Harris used Teton on the ranch to work cattle, ride fence and chop thistle. He had also shown him Western Pleasure, Stock horse, Trail, Western Riding and Reining.  Over the years, they won countless awards.  Some of his accomplishments include:

1990 Nebraska State Fair High Point Champion

1992 Nebraska State Fair High Point Champion

1993 Nebraska State Fair High Point Champion

1994 Nebraska State Fair High Point Champion

1995 Nebraska State Fair High Point Champion

1996 Nebraska State Fair High Point Champion

1997 Nebraska State Fair High Point Champion

1998 Nebraska State Fair High Point Champion

1999 Regretfully Did Not Show

We lost Teton to a severe case of colic January 20, 2000.

Teton sired 40 foals. 

Pedigree Information here

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Black, No Markings   

Foaled:  May 25, 2007    100% FOUNDATION LINES

"Denver" stands 16.0 hands.   While his size might demand your attention, his proud demeanor, beauty and graceful movements keep it!  His sire is the legendary Caduceus Denver, while his dam, Battersea Jolie, is out of the great DJJJ Ebony Gold.  Both have sired many talented, athletic foals that have gone on to compete successfully in a wide variety of disciplines.  He has "sport horse" written all over him and his progeny have all inherited his floating trot, long lines and beautiful face.  It was a hard decision to make, but we needed to cut back on our stallions and decided since we retained two of his daughters for our program, we'd let him go.  You can see his daughter, RG Cowgirl Sweet Surprise on the broodmare page.  Unfortunately, shortly after we sold Denver, we lost the other filly we kept back, RG Denver Mountain Mist, to a predator.    

 Pedigree information here 

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Grulla. Star. Black Eyes

Foaled April 30, 2006 - May 12, 2014

It is with mixed feelings that we offer Blu up for sale.  We love his type, conformation and beauty.  He has a beautiful, smooth, floating trot and a tremendous work ethic.  We've really enjoyed watching him develop into a hard working ranch hand.  He isn't afraid of anything we've thrown at him.  He's been used extensively during calving seasons, helping move new pairs out to grass and round them back up in the fall.  He's taken on bulls twice his size and held his own.  He's got a big heart and doesn't give up.  He's been roped off of, too.  But we've also made him put his good clothes on to go to the Nebraska State Fair, where he was shown in halter & western.      


Our good friend, Ethan, (pictured here with Blu), put quite a bit of time on him last year and was the one who painted a pretty picture with him at the fair.  They made a good team here on the ranch and at the show. 


We are offering Blu up for sale for only one reason and that is due to his size.  Blu stands 15.1 hands, and although there is nothing wrong with that size of horse, (please don't get offended), most of our mares are 15.3 hands or taller.  At 6' tall, Harris doesn't feel right riding Blu, so he doesn't get worked as often as he should.     


We've been very pleased with Blu's foals.  They are beautiful, up-headed but kind, have good bone and structure.  If Blu isn't sold before too long, he will be gelded.  So, if you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible. 


Pedigree Information here

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