We will be heading to Ashland, Ohio, in late March and still have a bit of room on the trailer.

We deliver for actual cost of fuel & lodging, dividing up the expenses by miles & number of horses! 

If there's something you're interested in, let us know!  Terrific savings, as the expenses will already be split. 

Thank you!

Updates in progress!  Thanks for your patience! 

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          Welcome!  We sincerely thank you for taking an interest in our Morgans!  Please know you are always welcome for a visit!  However, if you're unable to, we hope the pictures, pedigrees & descriptions will help you make the most informed decision you can.  We've sold many of our Morgans by photos, videos, sight unseen and occasionally, we have foals spoken for before they ever hit the ground.  We keep a detailed set of records and try to keep in touch with past customers so we can share their experiences with you.  We will always be honest with you!  Our goal is to raise quality Morgans with beauty, conformation, strong solid legs, muscle, athletic ability and last but not least...a loving disposition and a good solid mind that will enable them to excel in a variety of disciplines with ease. 

          Our foals have all been imprinted at birth and soon after, haltered & broke to lead.  They are current on vaccinations, worming and stand well for the farrier.  They are handled often, and even after they are weaned, we continue to give them one on one attention.  We keep the weanlings in a large corral or small pasture to grain and hay separately from the main herd until they are at least a year and a half old.  Our yearlings and two year olds are also handled frequently.  As for our older stock, any additional time and training will be listed in their descriptions.  Height measurements are current as of June 2013.  Saddle work begins around two and a half years of age.  Most of our stock has been started under saddle by our good friend & neighbor, Chad Rajdl, for the past 9 years.  The majority of our driving is by the Bert & Elizabeth Schmucker family of Kentucky.  We value their friendships and trust their work. 

          Along with a good share of the country, we're experiencing one of the worst droughts in years.  We caught 3 inches in May to get the grass started, but it turned dry after that.  So, we've continued to list some horses we'd hoped to keep back.  We will also still offer quantity discounts.  If time allows, we offer delivery for actual cost of fuel & lodging.

          We thank you again for your consideration.  We do our best to start our Morgans right so you can accomplish your dreams with ease.  We hope you'll come visit us in the beautiful canyons of southwest Nebraska!  We'd love to have you! 

                                                                       Our best to you all! ~  Harris, Joanie, Jace & Dallas