Harvey and Myrna Grunden started raising Morgan horses in 1969 in southwest Nebraska.  Until bringing their first Morgan home, did Harvey realize that his grandfather always wanted a pair of those beautiful horses from Vermont.  In honor of his grandfather, Russ Grunden, he used the initials RG for his prefix.  It didn’t take them long to discover the Morgan horse was everything they were looking for.  Flyhawk and Jubilee King offered them beautiful heads, quiet dispositions and correct conformations.  That “Golden Cross” became a cornerstone of their breeding program and remains there today.

Harris - March 9, 1972


Harvey with Funquest Meddler 1978

The Grundens wanted to produce a horse that everyone could use and enjoy.  A beautiful family horse with a quiet disposition was most important.  Yet they also wanted the horses to carry a correct conformation that people would be proud to use in future breeding programs and also enough elegance to win in the show ring.   

That has been accomplished, as RG Morgans have been sold coast-to-coast and border-to-border.  We have sold thirty some head into Canada and in 1979, we even sold the first Morgan horse, Funquest Meddler,  to ever set foot in Germany!  Since then, three more horses have gone from here, via Canada, to Germany.  That makes our breeding program part of the foundation stock in another country’s history!

All of our Morgans, with the exception of our stallions have the run of large hilly pastures made up of the finest native prairie grasses around.  The ability to run up hill and down with coordination and grace is bred into them and has proven to be the most accurate way to build stamina and muscle. 

We keep our horses on a good vaccination program, an approved nutritional program and we worm them regularly.  Our horses are handled with love and care so the basis of good training is already started for you. We truly feel disposition is of the utmost importance.  If you have a beautiful, well-bred but hyper horse that the family can’t enjoy, who needs it?  That is not an example of a family horse! 

Jace March 29, 2006

 After moving off the home place in 2002, we named our ranch RG Morgans/Denmark Ranch.  It seemed only fitting, since a small town called Denmark once existed on our ground in the early 1900’s.  Harris’ grandfather, Forrest, who was in his early teens at the time, would haul freight 6 days a week to and from Denmark to the neighboring towns of Maxwell & Curtis.  (Both towns being 18 miles from Denmark.)  

Harvey and Myrna have started slowing down and have handed the reins of RG Morgans over to us. We will continue to follow the high standards they have set in producing high quality Morgans.  We thank you for taking an interest in our program and hope to get the chance to meet you and visit with you about Morgans.