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Bay Gelding.  Star at center, above eye level. 

Right front fetlock.  Both hind fetlocks.

Foaled:  April 22, 2011   Sale Pending!

 Here's a thick stout stud colt out of Farmer and our 16.11/2 hand mare, Royal Tease.  He comes from a good mix of all our favorite horses that are in our breeding program--including three of our current stallions...Farmer, Dandy & Royal.  Outstanding bloodlines fill his pedigree:  Rimlo, Teton, Kahlua, Funquest and Flyhawk.  Between his size and his genetics, he'd make a great stallion prospect, buggy horse, or a strong, good sized working ranch horse.  Maybe western style...trail?  You name it!  If you're looking for a couple youngsters that would make a good matched team to grow up together, check out Dolly's colt, just below.  Should easily reach 16.+ hands.  

Pedigree Information here

More pictures of Royal Waltz  here




Bay Gelding.   Star at center, above eye level. 

Both hind fetlocks.

Foaled:  May 2, 2011    SOLD!!!

We've had three other foals by this same cross, all black colts, so this bay was a bit of a surprise.  A gentleman friend of ours now owns two of those three and is using them for trail riding and driving.  Marshal might be a bay, but he still has that stout, well muscled build and alert ear and eye as his full brothers and he's got his grand dam's trademark stamp of hind fetlocks that let's you know Cattle Kate is still influencing our program--but her genetics don't stop there.  He's got that powerhouse build of his maternal side as well as that quiet, loving, willing to please disposition that both sides of his pedigree posses.  His sire, is a gentle soul as well as a thick, solid, smooth riding/driving stallion.  You won't find a better working ranch mamma around than his 16.0 hand dam.  We’ve kept back 2 sons and one grandson of Cattle Kate for our kids to grow up with, so that should tell you how much we value these lines for their disposition and work ethic.  We hope you’ll consider taking him home—he should excel in any discipline you can dream of!  Family favorite lines for 30+ years!  Should mature 15.3H. 

Pedigree Information here

For More Pictures of Marshal here

Priced for spring 2013:  $3000    SOLD!!!



Black Gelding, Small Star, Inside Right Hind Heel

Foaled:  April 25, 2009  SOLD!!!

What a thick, stout huckleberry!  Doc is turning into a real powerhouse! He's got lots of muscle, strong bone structure, solid legs and feet.  Doc and the following 4 geldings finished up their first 30 rides mid October 2011 and they are all being used for light ranch work, moving cattle, riding fence, etc.  Happy to report he's doing fine and training will continue with lots of wet saddle blankets here during calving season.  His maternal grand-dam was a top producer of quiet buggy horses and she along with her daughter RG Cafalillie, were Dad's favorite ranch horse and buggy horse, respectively.  His sire is a steady mount for any kind of ranch work and also can tear up the miles driving a cart.  Doc should excel at any discipline.  Stands 15.1 as of February 2012.  Should mature to 15.2+ H. 

Pedigree Information here

More Pictures of Doc Here

$7000          SOLD!!!