This page was originally created to show you the five mares on which we built our breeding program:  RG Cattle Kate, Nodaway Skiptamalu, Caduceus Indrika, Coal Creek Lara and RG China Doll.  As years have passed, so too have some of the other mares that have made a tremendous impact in our herd and in our hearts.  We are fortunate to have retained daughters from each of those original five mares. 

As many of you know, the word "Foundation" has another meaning in the Morgan world.  As best described by the Foundation Morgan Horse Society, "It is the old type, classic style Morgan horse which was prized during the mid-1800's to early 1900's and still highly valued by dedicated breeders and admirers today.  Beginning in  the 1930's, crossing Morgans with Saddlebreds was quite fashionable due to the popularity of the Saddlebred and the prestige they brought into the show ring.  This practice resulted in Morgans which were less and less of classic Morgan type.  More than 80% of living Morgans today have modern Saddlebred crosses.  The foundation Morgan bloodlines have NO modern Saddlebred outcrosses after 1930 and their male tail sire line must trace directly to Justin Morgan." 

We have had a lot of folks ask if our horses are Foundation.  Most are foundation or high percentage foundation.  We have listed the percentages on the ones of which we're sure.  Thank you for your patience while we finish our homework on a few others.


Black Mare, Star  

Foaled April 18, 1991 *  Deceased  June 14, 2014


Don't ever think it's all about the stallion.  This mare is proof that the mares are just as important.  Coal Creek Lara was a stunning, 15.3 hand elegant black mare.  She was bred by Gary Wallace of Coal Creek Morgans and was trained to drive as a youngster.  After Harvey & Myrna brought her home, she joined their broodmare program.  She raised three foals for them.  The first filly we purchased after we married, was one of Lara's, a weanling we named RG Seminole Wind.  When the opportunity to lease part of their mares came about in 2002, we chose Lara as one of our top picks.  It was probably one of the best decisions we could've made for our breeding program.   


Lara raised ten more foals for us after we moved off the home place.  She always passed on her athleticism, beauty, grace and manners.  And there was always something special about them...they all had an extra bit of class.  Her foals were one of a kinds.  You could see it at birth..."stud quality" was written on every colt and the fillies were "the keepin' kind."  (we half-heartily apologize for this, but we've retained three of her four fillies for our future breeding program, enabling us to continue to raise the best we can for our customers).  Lara's foals were proud but friendly... easy to train with excellent retention spans.  They are so versatile, excelling easily at one or many disciplines...combined, carriage and pleasure driving, western, trail and as working ranch stock.  They love to work.  But her progeny was also sought after for other breeding programs.  Four of her sons are currently standing across the Midwest, including RG Denmark's Black Lark, RG Royal Raven, RG Denmark Jamaicanjammer and  our own homozygous black stallion, RG Denmark's Justa Farmer.  Her 2012 foal, RG Denmark's McLintock also sold as a stallion prospect, as did her 2013 colt, RG Denmark Total Eclipse.  No other mare has made as much of an impact on our program or have been requested by others.  Many times, there was a waiting list for "the first crack at a Lara baby." 


Lara is pictured here at 22 years of age, still looking as beautiful and lovely as always.  She was elegant, had a beautiful head carriage and such a loving, kind eye.  Unfortunately, we lost her on a very sad day, in June of 2014.  She was sweet and kind...gentle, too.  As with all our mares, we could crawl right in the foaling pen with her--with no worries.  The kids could run up to her with a curry comb in the pasture or pen and she'd let them scratch her everywhere.   


We miss her dearly, as well as the pretty pictures she painted for us out in the canyons or while mothering her foals.  We could've taken a thousand photos of this mare and never completely captured her beauty.  One of the prettiest sights to see was of Lara running to greet us in the pasture as she'd proudly lead her foal and the band of mares.  Sweet memories. 

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Black Mare, Small Faint Star
Foaled:  April 10, 2007  *  January 8, 2014


It is never easy to lose a horse but the special ones are even harder to lose.  When we lost Miss Denver at such a young age, it was totally unexpected and unbelievable.  With her up-close connection to those old lines, Miss Denver is irreplaceable. 


RG Denver Midnite Cowgirl was one of the last fillies sired by the great Caduceus Denver.  She was everything we were hoping for.  Not only did she have Denver's long graceful strides but she had Cowgirl's powerful build.  The complete package...good strong legs and feet, a smooth, sleek, well muscled body and a beautiful face.  Even at 16.0 hands, she was easy to handle.  She had a loving disposition and was absolutely captivating.  She turned everyone's head and was a constant standout in the band.  Broke to ride before joining the herd, she was light on her feet and had a beautiful, smooth trot.


Miss Denver raised two outstanding colts for us, RG Rooster Cogburn and RG Denmark Black Mountain.  Both were spoken for quickly and are simply adored by their new owners.   

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Black Mare, Faint Star

Foaled:  May 11, 1997

RG China Doll is one of the last two mares we retained by our late herd sire, Teton Black Beauty.  Not expecting to lose him at such a young age, we hadn't kept many of his fillies back.  We felt fortunate to have two of his daughters, China Doll and RG Kates Living Doll.  Both are old fashioned, powerhouse style mares.


China Doll was trained to ride and used for all types of ranch work years ago.  Since 2001, she has been a consistent producer of fourteen quiet, athletic foals. They have gone to homes where they excel as western, trail, buggy & carriage driving horses, broodmare prospects and quiet saddle horses.  They are loving, willing to please and eager to learn.  They are sensible and train easily.  Most finish near 16.0 hands and are tremendous athletes.  China Doll stands 15.3+ hands.  Perfect breeding record, proven genetics. 


In 2012, we retained a beautiful young black filly from her, RG Shadow of the Tetons.  In 2014, with her colt at side, RG China Doll went to a wonderful new home.  Best wishes and congrats!





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Black Mare, No Markings  100% FOUNDATION LINES

Foaled:  April 18, 1988  * Deceased:  December 26, 2011   

Indrika was a treasure!  (This picture of her in her 20's doesn't do this grand mare justice.)  We'd give anything to have purchased a good digital camera before these mares got up there in age!)  She stood 15.3 hands but was as quiet and loving as you could imagine.  This sweet, gentle mare was a favorite of ours and our children's.  Being calm and careful, slow and steady, made her an easy choice for them to love up on. 


Indrika was purchased as a weanling from the well-respected breeding program of Lowell Hughes of Caduceus Morgans.  Sired by Wyoming Flyhawk, she was a half sister to the famed sport horse stallion, Caduceus Denver.  She was trained to ride and was used for ranch work before taking her place in the broodmare band.  Her foals were always in demand and snatched up quickly, many times before they were born and as soon as 48 hours of age.  They became highly sought after as breeding stock and as trustworthy reliable riding and driving stock.  They continue to excel in breeding programs as well as buggy, carriage, sport, dressage, trail  and as family pets.  They are kind, loving, easy to train and natural born athletes. 


When we leased Indrika from Harris' folks in 2002, not one of her fillies had yet to be retained.  We tried desperately to purchase back a couple of her young mares but they were too far out of our reach.  We considered keeping a stallion prospect back from her but she gave us a couple of lovely young fillies to continue to build our program; RG French Kiss and RG Denmark's Indrika.  As these young mares are now producing for us, we see Indrika's reflection in them and their foals.  

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Bay, Tiny Star.  Both Hind Fetlocks Higher in Rear with Spots on Coronets.      100% FOUNDATION LINES

Foaled May 8, 1983  *  Deceased December 19, 2009

There probably isn't enough room on this website to write about this special mare.  RG Cattle Kate was one of the first mares that Mom and Dad raised and retained out of our old herd sire, Rimlo Black Prince.  What a wonderful choice this would be! 


Before becoming a broodmare, Kate was shown successfully in Western Pleasure and also used for ranch work.  You could cover a lot of ground with her long, powerful strides and that famous "Flyhawk trot".  Kate's quiet, gentle ways made her foals a family and customer favorite.  She's had eighteen foals in her lifetime, and almost half of them have been retained by us or Harris' family members.  Her foals are friendly, quiet, easy to work with and willing to please.  They excel in many disciplines in the show ring and have endless stamina working cattle at home.  This powerhouse of a mare stood 15.1 hands.  


With her soft, kind eyes and a heart of gold, Kate will always hold a special place in our hearts.  She was the horse Joanie trusted to ride as she learned and it's her last two colts, that we've kept back for our children to learn and grow with, RG Royal Prince, (affectionately known as "Taco"), and RG Denmark's Black Festus.  We also retained two of her daughters for our breeding program, RG Kates Living Doll, who is the very image of her mother and RG Kate's Cattle Call.   

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Chestnut, Small Star to Right.  Small Snip to Right.  White on Upper Lip.  Right Hind Pastern Higher in Rear. 

Foaled July 6, 1984 | Deceased February 5, 2008

Nodaway Skiptamalu was a pure Funquest, 15.2 hand chestnut mare Her sire, Funquest Cafallero, is a stallion Harvey wanted for many years, kept track of and finally brought home at the age of seventeen.  Skip had the beautiful face, alert ear and large kind eye that Funquest horses are known for.  Her gentle disposition completed the package. 


Skip was shown Western, Trail and Stock Horse as a young mare and was also used to work cattle and ride for thistle.  You could cover a lot of ground with her long strides.  She was a good worker but also an excellent mother.  Skip consistently produced top quality foals, fourteen altogether.  They were always in demand as breeding stock and as reliable driving and riding stock.


Skip was one of the five mares we leased from Mom & Dad when we moved off the home place.  Once again, not one filly had ever been retained.  We were fortunate to have raised and kept back RG Skiptamalus Lil Darlin in 2004 and eventually brought  home one of her "originals" by Rimlo Black Prince, a beautiful dapple bay mare, RG Skipahawke.  


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Black, No White Markings

Foaled March 30, 1986 *  Deceased June 15, 2006

Tetonia Black Lillie was a beautiful black mare that stood 15.1 hands.  Mom and Dad brought her home at just over a year of age, from the Neeley's, up in Idaho.  The Teton lines have served us well over the years and Lillie was one of the finest.  She was a daughter of Teton Blackman, making her a half sister to our past stallion, Teton Black Beauty and also a grand-daughter of Wyoming Flyhawk. 


Lillie had a sweet, gentle disposition, a deep, long body and good cow sense, too.  She was Harvey's favorite saddle horse for a few years before becoming a broodmare.  Lillie gave us many fine foals over the years, fourteen to be exact.  They carry all her traits--from her smooth, ground covering trot to her loyal disposition and willingness to please.  We are fortunate to have kept back a daughter, RG Denmark Black Rose and grand-daughter, RG Monarch's Regency Lady.  We lost Lillie to colic on June 15, 2006.


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Black, Star Right of Center


Foaled May 15, 1984 * Deceased Spring 2001

We don't have a picture of Kahlua's Onyx Star, (we need to go through some of Mom's shoe boxes of horse pics and see if she's got a good one), but we felt it was important to include her on our list of Foundation Mares.  Mom and Dad brought Onyx Star home to Grunden Ranch Inc., back in October 1993, along with one of her daughters, Coal Creek Lara. Onyx Star wasn't necessarily anything fancy, but she was the kind of Morgan we prefer....a stout, old fashioned, typy black broodmare. An excellent mother, that raised outstanding foals.


The first foal she had after folks brought her home, was a stud colt out of our late herd sire, Teton Black Beauty. "Cowboy" was a big black colt and Harris bought him when he was just a couple months old. Onyx Star went on to have three more foals for us, all out of Rimlo Black Prince. In 1998, she had a beautiful stocky filly that we purchased for our future herd, RG Cowgirlsblack Catalina. Cowgirl is a thick powerhouse of a mare that we absolutely adore. In 2001, shortly after having her last foal, we lost Onyx Star to colic. Later that fall, when folks retired, we were able to lease Coal Creek Lara from them. We are lucky to have her and Cowgirl as well.  And in 2012, we brought her last "little" orphan filly back home, RG Southern Star.  Check out those girls on our broodmare page.  They have made a huge impact on our program.


Onyx Star produced quality foals with excellent conformation, beauty, athleticism and a willingness to please. They've made for excellent ranch, riding and driving stock. Click onto her next page to see some of her foals and their accomplishments.


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