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Bay Filly, Faint Star, Left Hind Heel
May 2, 2013
 Sale Pending!!

Country Girl is a sweet bay filly by Farmer and a beautiful dapple brown mare,  Skipahawke.   Kip’s dam, Nodaway Skiptamalu, produced many highly sought after, loyal riding and driving horses for our family.  She and her daughters have been constant producers in our program since the 80's! They will always have a place here!  Proven genetics, time and time again. 

Last spring, we were fortunate to have been able to buy Kip back last spring from some wonderful folks in Pennsylvania.  We sincerely thank them for working with us.  We think she is just as pretty as her mama and has the same gentle, loving disposition as her sire & dam.  She’d do well in any discipline but would also make a very respectable broodmare.  Should finish around 15.3 hands.  $2400.00  Sale Pending!
C.G.'s pedigree & pics click here

RAGTIME CATMAN BLU x                              RG FRENCH KISS
ay Filly, Medium Star
March 15, 2013

Blu Bonnet is a petite little filly out of Blu and a  homozygous black, 15.3 hand daughter of our late mare, Caduceus Indrika.  Indrika was purchased by Mom & Dad in 1988 as a weanling, from the breeding program of Gary Wallace.  She and her daughters have consistently been producing top notch riding and driving stock ever since.  Her progeny were spoken for quickly, sometimes before they were born.  They’ve got loving, loyal hearts, an outstanding work ethic, grace and beauty. 

This is our first filly by Blu and she is a doll!  She has such a pretty face, expressive eyes and is so feminine!  As tempting as it is to keep ahold of her, we’re offering everything up for sale except for one colt our son spoke up for as a future saddle horse.  $2400.00







Bonnet's pedigree & pics click here.


Black Filly, Medium Star
April 18, 2013
Homozygous Black!  SOLD!!!

Farmer had an outstanding set of foals this year—and we liked this little black filly of his so well, we bred her dam back the same way for 2014.  Rose has the sweetest little face!  But she's also got a good muscled rump and that western style look to her.  Another one we'd love to keep, but the rains have continued to miss us again this year, so she's got to go.  Rimlo, Flyhawk, Funquest & Beamington lines!  She’s very well bred and comes from some good riding & driving stock.  She should mature around 15.2.  $2000.00


Rose's pedigree & pics click here.




Chestnut Filly, Moon Shaped Star. 

Left hind pastern.

April 17, 2012

A half sister to Annie Laurie, these girls look so much alike!  Not only color, but conformation, too.  But Dove is another sharp filly from Cowgirl!  We’ve got two of her mares in our breeding program…one black, one chestnut.   And we think just as highly of Lonesome Dove as we do all her other siblings from years past.  She has that proud head carriage, old fashioned thick neck and Morgan type in her conformation. 

Cowgirl’s colts sell as stallion prospects and her fillies are in demand for broodmares as well as good riding, trail, sport, competitive driving and buggy horses.  They've done it all.  Should finish 15.2+ hands.  $2400

Dove's pedigree & pics click here



Black Filly, Star

Foaled:  April 16, 2011  SOLD!!

Miss Sandy is changing fast!  She's looking more like her mother every day--beautiful, thick, old fashioned style, just how we like them!  Sandy is from some long lines of reliable western working horses.  Her dam is one of the quietest mares we've ever raised.  We had 30 rides on her and she wasn't ridden again for two years.  She remembered it all.  In 2012, she was trained to drive by our good friends in Kentucky, the Bert Schmucker family.  Glowing reports! 

We sit here wondering why we're letting her go, knowing how well these lines work!  A hard one to part with!  Miss Sandy  should have all necessary qualities to make a great family horse, loving broodmare or sensible riding/driving horse.  Should mature 15.1-15.2 hands. $3250.00  SOLD!

Pedigree Information here


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