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Black Colt, Medium Star, Snip.
Left Front Fetlock
June 1, 2013
    100% Foundation Lines

Homozygous Black

Would you take a look at this fella?  Isn't he a looker!  We were so lucky to have brought RG Southern Star home last spring.  Being a full sister to Cowgirl, we knew she'd produce some wonderful foals and we couldn't be more pleased with her first.  When Grandma & Papa told Jace it was time to pick out a foal, he knew which one he wanted.  He is so in love with Dandy (and has been since when they were both just toddlers!)  That loving disposition left quite the impact on that little boy.  And although he loves the other stallions, he knew when the time came, he'd want one of Dandy's for his own.  The little bit of chrome that set this fella apart from the others this year, just cinched the deal tight.  Jace even picked out this little bugger's name on his own and wants to give a BIG THANK YOU to his grandparents for this wonderful gift!  We can't wait to watch them grow up together. 
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