"The boys may be the boss of the barn, but the foals are only as good as the girls that grow them!"


We truly believe those words! 

We put just as much thought and effort into our broodmare band as we do our stallion choices.

When we moved off the home place in 2002, we had 3 mares of our own...

RG Cowgirlsblack Catalina, RG Seminole Wind and RG Kates Living Doll.

With those three and a handful of mares we leased from Harris' folks,

we built our program on those same reliable, hard working,

wonderful, western working, Flyhawk lines. 


We've kept back daughters from those old foundation mares we started with

and couldn't be happier with the foals they're producing.

Our mares are well taken care of but they earn their keep and the right to be here, too. 

With the exception of two, all of the mature mares in our band

have had at least 30 days of saddle work before joining our program.  Some are also trained to drive.

We still call upon many of them for ranch work.  This enables us to have a better idea of how they work,

their capabilities and dispositions.  It also gives us some insight to what they may pass on to their foals.  

The mares handle easier at breeding and foaling time, are friendlier

and of course all that makes for a more calm, quiet, friendly herd.


Our pastures are made up of rough, steep, tree covered canyons.  The mares & foals have free run of the hills.

They maneuver the trails gracefully with sure solid footing and coordination.

Stamina, muscle & endurance are naturally bred into them.

Their loving dispositions, hearts of gold and willingness to please are passed on from generation to generation.

Our horses will literally, peacefully surround you in the pasture, waiting for your attention.

We hope you'll come take a look!



Black Mare, Star  

Foaled:  April 18, 1991


Don't ever think it's all about the stallion!  This mare is proof that the mares are just as important! Lara is an outstanding, simply stunning, 15.3 hand gorgeous black mare.  She's kind & sweet and at 21, she still carries herself as proudly and confidently as always.  Before we purchased Lara, she trained for a couple years in pleasure driving.  She passes on her athleticism, beauty, grace and manners to all her foals.  They excel at combined, carriage and pleasure driving, western, trail and as working ranch stock.  Their quiet dispositions make them easy to handle and train.  Lara also produces amazing stallion prospects and beautiful mares. Four of her sons are currently standing across the Midwest, including RG Denmark's Black Lark, RG Royal Raven, RG Denmark Jamaicanjammer and  our own homozygous black stallion, RG Denmark's Justa Farmer.  Her 2012 foal, RG Denmark's McLintock also sold as a stallion prospect.  No other mare has made as much of an impact on our program. 

Lara is 22 this year.  As you can tell in these two photos, taken June of 2012, she's still in great condition.    We've got Farmer as well as two of her daughters RG Seminole Wind and RG Chantilly Lace producing the next generation of Lara babies for us and have been very pleased with the results. 

Pedigree Information here

Add'l pictures of Lara and her get, click here



Bay Mare, Star

Foaled:  June 6, 2001   


RG Seminole Wind is an absolutely stunning 15.3 hand bay mare that we bought from Mom and Dad when she was a weanling. She is out of a stallion they raised, RG Stuart's Monarch and Coal Creek Lara, giving her a pedigree filled with Funquest and Flyhawk.  Seminole is upheaded, proud and has a "look at me" presence about her.  Like the majority of our mares, she was broke to ride & drive before becoming a broodmare.


We've bred Seminole to Royal, Dandy, Farmer, Tom Shoe and Glori Del Sir John.  Every single one of her foals have been a stand out--many of her colts are spoken for quickly as potential stallion prospects.  Her fillies are the keepin' kind.  They are sought after for pleasure driving and for use in other breeding programs.  RG Seminole Wind is a full brother to a homozygous black stallion we raised the first year on our own, RG Denmark's Black Lark, as well as a half sister to our young homozygous black stallion, RG Denmark's Justa Farmer.   



Pedigree Information here

For pics of Seminole & her get click here

Black Mare, No Markings, 
Foaled:  May 26, 2008  Homozygous Black 


This striking mare is a full sister to our homozygous black young stallion, RG Denmark's Justa Farmer, as well as a half sister to RG Seminole Wind.  She has the same beauty and grace that all Lara's foals possess. They make excellent breeding stock, driving horses, dependable ranch workers, western pleasure and show ring champions. There isn't anything they can't handle. They are full of determination, a willingness to please and are ready to meet the next challenge with a good solid mind.  Lace isn't any different.  We are excited to see what this young mare produces in the future.  She's had her 30 days of riding before joining our broodmare band.  Lace stands 15.3H.

Pedigree Information here

Add'l Pictures of Chantilly Lace here




Bay Filly, Medium Star,

Foaled:  April 14, 2010  Homozygous Black


Take a look at this girl!  Seminole Wind has given us one outstanding foal after another and this foal by Farmer is no exception!  A stand out since the day she was born, just had to keep her.   Good, solid, concentrated lines by Coal Creek, Wyoming Flyhawk along with Funquest, Rimlo and Denver.  What a package!  But she's got more than papers to back her up!  She's got the mindset, conformation and beauty to be one of the best we've raised.


Pedigree Information here                                                               

Add'l pics of Farmers Daughter click here



Black Mare, No White Markings

Foaled:  June 1, 1999   


Harris saw something in this girl right when she was born and purchased her as a weanling from his folks.  Cowgirl comes from outstanding genetics.  She's a half sister to Coal Creek Lara and RG Southern Star.  These girls are the backbone of our program.  Jubilee King lines both sides of her pedigree and she has a strong influence of Flyhawk on her sire's side.  Not only has she been used to work cattle, but she is also broke to drive single and double.  Her dam was a top producer of athletic, talented foals and Cowgirl has kept those traits going strong.  (You can read more about her dam on our Foundation Mares page). 

This old-style mare stands 15.21/2, with outstanding conformation, class and a quiet disposition.  Her foals inherit it all!  They are being used as quality stallion and broodmare prospects, athletic, smart, reliable trail, western pleasure, sport and carriage horses.  We've retained 2 of her daughters for our program, RG Denver Midnite Cowgirl and RG Cowgirl Sweet Surprise.

Pedigree Information here

Add'l pics of Cowgirl & her get, click here



Black Mare, Connected Star, Strip, Snip. 

Foaled:  April 30, 2001  *  Homozygous Black!


     Not too bad for a little orphan filly!  Star was just a few weeks old when we lost her dam to colic.  She ended up in Wyoming with some wonderful people who took excellent care of her.  (If you ever have any doubt what a little time and love will do, just check out her other pictures).

     The day we went to pick Star up was cold and rainy.  Harris had to walk in to get her and lead her out to the highway as the road was too muddy and slick.  Low lying clouds covered the tops of the black mountains and it was such a beautiful sight to see this black mare with her flash of white come out of those hills!  As miserable and soaked as he was, Harris face was lit up with the biggest smile you'd ever seen. 

     Southern Star and Cowgirl are full sibs.  If she's anything like Cowgirl, the colts will be stallion prospects and the fillies the "keepin kind." 








Pedigree Information here

Add'l pics of Southern Star, click here


Black Mare, Small Faint Star
Foaled:  April 10, 2007   


RG Denver Midnite Cowgirl is one of the last fillies sired by the great Caduceus Denver.  She's everything we were hoping for!  Midnite has the best of both worlds...Denver's long graceful strides and Cowgirl's powerful build. She has good strong legs and feet, a smooth, sleek, well muscled body and a beautiful face.  Even at 16.0 hands, she is easy to handle, has a loving disposition and is absolutely captivating.  Broke to ride before joining the herd, she's light on her feet and has a beautiful trot.  Her 2013 colt, RG Denmark Black Mountain, was the first one spoken for this year.  Pretty good for a first time mamma! 

Pedigree Information & Add'l Photo's  here



Chestnut Filly, Large Star, Small Strip

Foaled:  April 23, 2010   


Sweet Surprise was just that.  When Harris told me there was a chestnut baby out in the barn out of this cross, I just couldn't believe it...I had to go check it out for myself!  But there she was, this beautiful copper penny filly.  And here she stayed.  There are some amazing sport horses in her pedigree and we think this long legged lady will finish to 15.3 hands.  We can't wait to see the babies she'll produce.   


But for now, she's being  spoiled rotten by our family and by a young lady who has become very special to us.  In the late spring of 2013, Kate "horsenapped" Sweet Surprise and spent the summer doing some ground work with her before taking her to the Nebraska State Fair in halter class.  They did a wonderful job and their bond is undeniable.  When you see them together, the way Surprise turns her head, eyes & ears towards Kate--you'd swear they are sharing secrets.  We sincerely thank Kate for sharing her gifts of time, talent & friendship with us!



 Pedigree Information here

More pictures of Cowgirl's Sweet Surprise here



Black Mare, Faint Star

Foaled:  May 11, 1997

RG China Doll is one of the last two mares on the place by our late herd sire Teton Black Beauty. She’s also a half-sister to RG Black Dandy. China Doll has been a consistent producer of quiet, athletic foals. They have gone to homes for western, trail, buggy & carriage driving horses, broodmare prospects and quiet saddle horses.  RG China Doll stands 15.3+ hands. She was broke to ride and used for all types of ranch work years ago.  Perfect breeding record, proven genetics.

Pedigree Information here 

Add'l pics of China Doll & her get, click here





Bay Mare, Left Hind Fetlock with Distal Spots

Foaled:  May 3, 1997

Except for RG China Doll, Dolly is the only other mare we have by our late stallion, Teton Black Beauty.  Her dam is no other, than RG Cattle Kate.  (And if she isn't looking more and more like her every day!--If you aren't familiar with that family of lines, please check out Kate's story on the Foundation Mares page.)  At 15.3 hands, Dolly is a big, solid, well muscled mare with a broad chest and powerful hindquarters.  She has the fast and famous, ground covering Flyhawk trot with stamina galore!  An absolute powerhouse with lots of sense and very cow savvy.  Dolly is always willing to please!  She has a loving, half-asleep quiet disposition until it is time to work. Then she is like a keg of gunpowder going off!  It's all business, but her enthusiasm is contagious and her loving disposition makes the perfect combination.  Her foals are fast becoming favorites as trail, buggy, ranch and western style prospects.



Pedigree Information here 

Add'l pictures of Dolly & her get, click here



Bay Filly.  Star & Strip Connected. 

Right fore & both hind fetlocks.

April 23, 2012

Meet RG Victoria Barkley, the granddaughter of the queen of our ranch, RG Cattle Kate.  Kate's offspring have been honest, loyal, trustworthy mounts and we've kept more of those lines back for our family to use, than any other.  They are quiet, loving and easy to train.  That's the legend of Cattle Kate. 

Victoria's dam is Joanie's favorite stock horse.  And since she's getting up there in years, (Dolly, not Jo...well...she's getting up there, too!), we decided to keep ahold of Ms. Barkley as a future broodmare for our program.  Dolly thrives on working cattle and is cat-quick with endless stamina.  She stands 16.0 hands, is big boned & powerful.  Throw Farmer in for the other half of the pedigree and we've no doubt that Victoria should mature the same.  This little filly is powerful enough to be the next matriarch of the place.  These lines possess that famous Flyhawk trot and common sense that has made them a family & customer favorite for 30 years. 

For Victoria's pedigree & photo, click here


Bay Mare, No Markings,  Homozygous Black

Foaled:  May 28, 2005   


Another loving mare by Dandy!  And don't forget her dam!  A favorite among our family and customers, those friendly Cattle Kate babies sure are something special.  They are just naturally laid back, friendly and loving.  Call has her parents pleasing disposition and gentleness along with their outstanding conformation and strong, solid build.  Call was easily broke to ride before becoming part of our band of mares.  Her foals have all been as sweet as she is.  We've kept back her first foal, "Wrangler" for our children to grow up with.  Call is a half sister to RG Kates Living Doll.  Western working lines with good solid minds.  We're thankful to have both these girls in our program.  Call stands 15.1 1/2. 

Pedigree Information here

Add'l pictures of Call & her get, click here



Brown Mare, No Markings

Foaled:  May 13, 1998

We were so lucky to have been able to bring this girl home!  Mom & Dad built much of their herd on those Rimlo lines and we knew we wanted them in our program as well.  Our stallion, Dandy, is a son of Rimlo Black Prince but many of his daughters were sold quickly over the years.  We were fortunate to have a couple Rimlo mares in our herd when we moved off the home place in 2002, but consider ourselves extremely lucky to now have Kip here producing what we know will be some amazing foals!  Her dam was a doll and is very missed.  Kip is beautiful, kind, has an amazing trot, is full of muscle and type. 

Our sincere thanks to Joe and Pat!  

Pedigree Information here

For Add'l pictures of Kip's click here





Bay Mare, No Markings

Foaled:  May 6, 2004

Skip's Darlin is a long bodied, beautiful bay mare that now stands 16.2 hands.  She stands tall and proud, with solid legs, a gorgeous conformation and has an excellent disposition.  For her size, she is graceful, feminine and well proportioned.  Her foals are strikingly beautiful, with gorgeous heads, long legs and fluid, easy movements.  They've made for quality breeding stock and with their conformation, length and athleticism, would find much success in sport, dressage, endurance, trail and as good moving carriage and buggy horses.  Darlin was broke to ride and has been used to work cattle.  Her dam, a  Funquest mare named Nodaway Skiptamalu, was a constant producer of solid minded, quality foals.  We think Darlin and her 16.1 1/2 hand half sister, Royal Tease will carry on Skip's genetics just fine.

Pedigree Information here

Add'l pics of Darlin & her get click here



Bay Mare, No Markings
Foaled:  April 29, 2008

This massive, feminine, stunning bay beauty is sired by the magnificent 16.0H buckskin stallion, Robbi-Sue's Ragtime.  Her dam, is a 16.2 hand, half Funquest mare we raised.  Both are tremendously athletic, powerful horses and RG Miss Martina is well on her way to having the size, substance and poise that they possess. She has a beautiful face and the sweetest, most expressive, kind eyes!  When the mares are scattered about on summer grass, her beauty and gentle spirit quietly draw your attention and easily hold it. She has a powerful build but light and graceful movements. 

Her maternal grand dam, Nodaway Skiptamalu has produced many trustworthy riding and driving horses as well as stud quality foals and outstanding broodmares.  Add that to the legacy that "Gus" has created and Miss Martina's future looks to be very promising.   Like all our mares we retain for our herd, she's had 30 days of riding time applied.  Martina currently stands 15.2 1/2  hands.
Pedigree Information here

Add'l pictures of Miss Martina click here



Bay Dun, No White Markings, Dark Eyes

Foaled June 18, 2007

For the past six years, we’ve been selectively breeding one of our mares to some outside stallions, trying to produce some color. We finally decided it was easier to go get what we were looking for!  We’ve been long time admirers of Nancy Nard’s Ragtime Morgans.  We bred to Robbi Sue’s Ragtime (Gus) twice and kept back a beautiful bay filly, RG Miss Martina for our program. But still wanting color, we kept looking at Nancy’s beautiful horses and were drawn to this gorgeous dunskin by Gus’ full sister, Robbi Sue’s Mystique.  She’s got outstanding conformation, is well muscled with strong legs and feet. She’s got a beautiful face, wonderful disposition and has had 30 days of riding.  She gave us a beautiful grulla colt in 2012 by Farmer! Finding Tizzie was well worth the wait.  We sincerely want to thank Nancy for her friendship and hospitality. 





Pedigree Information click here

For Add'l pictures of Tizzie click here


Black Mare, Faint Star, Left Hind Pastern

Foaled:  May 8, 1997   


Bessia's Abishag is a beautiful, stout, black mare that stands just shy of 16 hands! Sired by the famed Sharthunder and a Teton Royal Raven daughter, Wyoming Flyhawk lines both sides of her pedigree.  Abishag's foals are beautiful, strong, well muscled and sensible.  They have all been sought after as stallion and broodmare prospects and that says quite a bit right there!  No matter which stallion we've crossed Abishag with, the results have been outstanding.  We want to thank Dorothea Hildreth of Bessia Morgans for allowing us to purchase this outstanding mare.  She's a wonderful asset to our program. 

Pedigree Information here

Add'l pics of Abishag and her get click here


Brown Mare, No Markings   

99.75% Foundation Lines

Foaled:  May 1, 2008  *  Homozygous Black

We feel very fortunate to have gotten a filly from Indrika!  She has produced so many beautiful mares over the years and we always let them go. They've grown into some very talented and dependable driving and sport horses, as well as superior broodmares and stallions. Her mares have made their mark across the Midwest!

 RG French Kiss is a quiet, friendly, very feminine looking mare.  She has tipped ears and a sweet face.  She has Royal's smooth body and graceful movements.  Kiss has also inherited her dam's warm, friendly, quiet disposition and we know she'll produce beautiful and trustworthy foals that her family lines are known for.  Kiss stands 15.3 hands. 
Pedigree Information here

Add'l pictures of RG French Kiss click here


Brown Mare, Small star.  Right hind partial pastern with distal spot.
May 8, 2010    Homozygous Black
99.75% Foundation Lines

It's no secret that Lara is one of our all time favorite mares.  And we think this young daughter of hers will follow in her footsteps.  We haven't kept back many fillies by Royal, but when Lara threw us this one, we knew she'd be staying.
The first year on our own, we raised seven foals, including a stallion we named RG Denmark's Black Lark.  He really was something special and as much as we hoped to keep him, we were in year two of a seven year drought, so everything had to go.  Lark has matured into a gorgeous stallion and is making quite a name for himself across the States.  We were fortunate to have raised many other outstanding herd sires by Lara, including one of our top sires, Farmer.  This half sister to those boys is everything we dreamed of!  She's got common sense, beauty, conformation and wonderful extension.  We think she'll be a top producer, just like her mama.
Pedigree Info here

Add'l Pictures of Meadowlark here


Black Mare, No White Markings. 
May 20, 2011    Homozygous Black
100% Foundation Lines

The cornerstone of our breeding program has always been those wonderful Flyhawk lines.  Mom and Dad swore by them.  They're good solid minds, outstanding work ethic, conformation, beauty and grace are impossible to beat.  Caduceus Indrika was always one of our favorites.  And apparently everyone else's, too, as we couldn't ever seem to hold onto her babies!  A few years ago, we were at a sale and watched two of her daughters (and later a grandson), go through the ring.  The bidding was fast and furious and we were "out" before we ever got started.  By then, Indrika was getting up there and we didn't know if we'd get a filly again.  But in 2011, she granted us one more of her charming daughters.  And did we ever spoiled that little filly!  Our daughter kept calling her "Indrika's baby", so we thought it best to honor that beloved mare by giving her last foal, her name. 
She's got her precious mama's disposition, dark, friendly eyes, conformation and sound mind.  This granddaughter of Wyoming Flyhawk is only two years old, but we already think she's one of the best we've raised.
Pedigree click here
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