Cav is light on his feet, has plenty of Morgan type and as you can see, loves to ham it up for the camera.  I don't think we could take a bad picture of this fella.  He's always alert...ears, eyes and head.  Dandy's conformation and beauty, just in a lighter shade of color.  We think he'd make a "Dandy" of a stallion prospect!



Bay Colt, No Markings

April 20, 2013

Homozygous Black!  SOLD!!

Unfortunately, this is the only stud colt by Dandy for sale this year.  Dandy marks his get with his loving disposition, willing ways, Morgan type and conformation.  Their strong legs and feet insure the ability to get the job done and with sure-footedness & coordination.  And a good solid mind to match!

Cavalryman is up-headed, proud and has his sire’s good looks!  This is only Tizzie’s second foal—we retained her first by Farmer, as we were pretty smitten with him.  Our official “Picture day” with a bath for each colt and posed shots, usually starts off with a couple of aspirin.  As the day progressed, Harris asked if I had any good candid pasture shots of Cav as we were running short of time and just a bit of patience:)  We guarantee he's had just as many baths & play time as the others...(the colt...not Harris!)  Should mature to 15.2 ½ H.  $2400.00  SOLD!!

Cav's pedigree & pics, click here








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